Be careful…what you Google

Be careful…what you Google

Apr 03, 2013

While hurtling down Princess Parkway taking thekids to the cinema, I heard some disturbing news on ‘Radio Bore’. Google were in the European Court of Justice, being challenged by the Spanish government.  A Spaniard Google searched his name and found “inaccurate and disparaging remarks” relating to events years ago. I let the kids jump carefully out of the car and straight into McDs on the promise, “Don’t tell mum!”…and “Grace, get me a Big Mac and large fries.”

Out with the iPad. Straight into Google went “Edward Shropshire”. Up popped the usual LinkedIN and Facebook references, followed by a Royal visit to Telford; what really caught my eye was the ‘Edward Shropshire arrested, again, in Cobb County, Georgia’. I need to be careful when I go to the US next!

The following day, working hard (at Danilos), I realised the significance of the legal case sprouting in Brussels and how it was relevant to everything we do. Data and how we and other people use it is extremely important. Personal information should be stored very carefully and published even more carefully.

This case will last for months but the ruling could have far reaching consequences for us all. So, think carefully before you update your profiles and think even harder before putting your name, or mine into Google. 

Ed Shropshire, Managing Director