Aquarium’s new Pet project across the Pond

Aquarium’s new Pet project across the Pond

Feb 04, 2013

RSA has signed a five year deal with Aquarium for their next generation pet insurance technology platform, to support and help drive their ambitious growth plans for its Canadian pet insurance business.

Aquarium’s technology will form a corner stone of RSA’s innovative new Pets Plus Us brand
( ), due to launch imminently. Not only does the Pets Plus Us product promise to be a market leader in terms of product offering but it also intends to become the hub of an online community of pet owners in Canada, offering pet-parents advice, news, expertise, health tips and insurance coverage options.

Randy Valpy, Vice President & Managing Director of PetsPlusUs knew he needed a business process solution for Pets Plus Us if it was to grow rapidly and be scalable, while at the same time remaining totally focused on brilliant customer service and outstanding after-care. The chosen technology platform needed to bring together the quote, sales, underwriting, premium collection and the claims processing areas of his business into one seamless, robust business process engine.

"We needed something intelligent, intuitive, and with a proven track record in our sector", said Randy Valpy. "Aquarium really stood out from the crowd and we were impressed by their dynamism and responsiveness,” he added. "They used the latest cloud-based technologies, offered out-of-the-box deployment and access from anywhere in the world as well as integration with client facing web sites and existing back-office systems. So once you factor in Aquarium’s transactional model with low or zero capex spend, it was everything we were looking for and more," Randy added.                                          

The RSA technical team looked globally for a solution to meet the requirements of Pets Plus Us.

Randy Valpy invited the company used to supply systems at his previous venture, PetSecure to tender for the business along with Australian, American and UK-based offerings. Companies were invited to demonstrate their solutions and submit their commercial proposals; those shortlisted were visited and due diligence undertaken.

"Aquarium delivered what they said, when they said and within the budget they said – amazing. We were impressed by their commercial approach to the financial aspects of the project; unlike all other suppliers we encountered, they were willing to share the financial risk with us,” said Randy. Because customer care and service is paramount to us here at Pets Plus Us, we like to see the same service ethos applied when companies are trying to sell us products and services, especially as in the case of Aquarium their platform will have such an impact on our customer experience. It’s imperative we only partner with like-minded companies, and Aquarium definitely fits the bill,” he concluded. Aquarium’s pedigree in the market was critical to the award of the contract and is explained by Mark Colonnese, Aquarium Sales and Marketing Director: “We’ve installed solutions at one of the largest 3rd party pet insurance administrators in Europe and our systems are processing approaching half a million pet claims per annum. We believe that particular client now has a best-in-class operation and sets the benchmark for the rest of the industry. Our technology platform is used to support over 40 different pet insurance plan types and affinity partners, so we feel that we have a strong foot (or paw!) print in the pet insurance sector," he said.

Mark Colonnese sees enormous potential in the US and Canadian insurance markets and added: "We are very excited to be working with Randy and his team and believe there is a real strategic opportunity for us in the North American marketplace. In fact we are currently in the process of setting up our first office in North America to support those activities."