Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Feb 08

Save our swimming pools and libraries – invest in better technology instead

I was shocked to read that Manchester City Council – in endeavouring to shave £80m off its annual budget spend – is looking to close our libraries and swimming pools. These facilities are at the very heart of our communities and it is extremely saddening their closure is even being considered. After all, we know from experience you can only sell off the family silver once. What then in years 2, 3, 5 and beyond?

It is easy to criticise councils and they have an incredibly difficult job balancing budgets at the moment, we do understand. Unlike most people, however, we have some realistic solutions. We have software that if deployed can help public sector teams, departments and even entire Local Authorities operate much more efficiently and potentially save £ millions. And unlike other technology providers, we will share the financial risk rather than expect large up-front capital investment in the project.

As a local SME based near Manchester Airport, we would hope that those people running our local councils would have explored all the cost cutting options such as the deployment of better technology across the council, before simply axing local services?

Edward Shropshire, Managing Director