Paperless NHS timescales are meaningless

Paperless NHS timescales are meaningless

Jan 25, 2013

Government needs to wake up and smell the coffee. In aiming for Jeremy Hunt’s ‘paperless NHS by 2018’, it begs the question why so long? In the real world of the private sector, even the most complex business decisions taken today are implemented in months rather than years. 

So why does something that an SME technology company could do in a matter of months, need to take five years or more? The fact that smart technology could save the NHS £Billions is not disputed, certainly not by us. But why wait five years for something that is achievable much quicker and much more cost-effectively?

PriceWaterHouseCoopers’ report found that “measures such as more use of text messages for negative test results, electronic prescribing and electronic patient records and information portal  could improve care.” Bravo.

But in technology terms, five years is an eternity. The very real danger is that the recommendations being made today simply may not be relevant by the time they are implemented. We are integrating smart systems with online portals and SMS messaging today and could deploy such technology for any public body at a fraction of the cost of the numbers being quoted, whilst significantly reducing the NHS’s carbon footprint in the process.    

Edward Shropshire, Managing Director