Sherwin is a win-win appointment for Aquarium

Sherwin is a win-win appointment for Aquarium

Jun 27, 2013

Aquarium Software has announced the appointment of a new Operations Director to give the renowned UK-based software company an additional edge and experience in the legal and professional services market. The newly created post is to be filled by Andrew Sherwin, who joins Aquarium having been a director at Landscape Legal for several years and who prior to that spent over 22 years as the Sales and Marketing Director of Quill Pinpoint.

Andrew’s previous roles involved improving the profile of legal practices and assisting firms to develop their business processes and focus on client relationship management. Sherwin’s skills are seen as perfect fit as Aquarium looks to further build on its reputation in this rapidly emergent and converging marketplace.

“For a couple of years we have witnessed the start of what we believe is an unstoppable convergence of the legal, insurance and financial services sectors. Aquarium wants to be at the forefront of technology provision in these markets and it is therefore vital to have senior personnel who understand the relevant personalities, politics and regulatory frameworks,” said Aquarium’s Managing Director, Ed Shropshire. “Andrew’s experience and expertise will be invaluable in ensuring that our software makes further inroads into the legal and professional services sectors, where we have already made great strides.”

“I am looking forward to taking up this new challenge immensely, and applying my industry knowledge of the legal and finance sectors to the Aquarium portfolio,” explained Sherwin when commenting on his appointment. “Retaining and developing client goodwill is recognised as vital for the legal sector, but firms are not as effective in harnessing technology as they could be. There are many ways to make their business not only more efficient and effective, but much better at retaining and winning new clients too. Aquarium could make a tangible difference to the bottom line of many working in legal and professional services,” says Sherwin.

Many firms still employ labour intensive systems in their approach to CRM and legal processes. Some have tried to get round this by introducing expensive and largely inflexible solutions; because of the unique nature of the emerging legal market, legal and professional services really require a bespoke, compliant and business centric offering, which is where Aquarium’s intelligent deployment comes in.

“Implementing a business process solution will help firms manage risk, increase profitability and improve the customer journey.” added Sherwin. “Understanding the importance of auditable compliant systems in line with the demands of the regulator is a must but so is understanding, meeting and exceeding the needs of your customer. This is where a one size fits all solution falls down and software tailored not just to the legal profession but the individual firm itself comes into its own.”                              

Sherwin’s appointment demonstrates Aquarium’s commitment to understanding of the legal, insurance and professional services market, and the need to listen to clients and deliver what they want. Andrew’s background of working closely with law firms for over 20 years has given him a unique insight into their practical needs, coupled with an innate understanding of the importance of strong and sustained client relationships.

Aquarium can be tailored to enable businesses to ‘manages by exception’, with the appropriate stakeholders at whatever level being emailed automatically on the occasions when things don’t happen; rather than being inundated when they do. Delivering a bespoke legal process solution, Aquarium frees up fee earners to focus on the core legal tasks that matter.

“Every law firm has identified efficient legal processes and business development as the cornerstone of their commercial strategy,” added Andrew. “It is important IT projects are delivered on time and on budget. Aquarium’s innovative pricing model and data integration tools allow firms to redirect capital expenditure from software purchase and on-going annual maintenance to client facing activities. Aquarium solutions can help firms realise their full potential, work smartly with their customers as well as third parties. These next few years are certainly going to be interesting for all professional service firms."