Speed Data-ing

Speed Data-ing

Mar 20, 2013

As Spring is upon us and thoughts turn to gardening and Spring cleaning, there has never been a better time to spring clean your business data strategy. Do you want to win lots of lovely new customers this year and plan a hyperbolic growth of your business based on the smart use of data? Or maybe your business is handling so many processes and aggregating data from so many different sources that you are suffering from what we call spaghetti infrastructure; where nothing basically talks to anything else and you are constantly being dealt baloney rather than useful management data. Well at Aquarium we’d love to help you navigate through either of these scenarios.

Before we get carried away with exciting new business plans, we need to ensure we don’t get into any hot water, so we firstly have to understand how and where all this stuff called data may be stored.

There are essentially three hierarchies of data storage:

  • Physical,
  • Near-Line, and
  • Offline.

As the data holder, your responsibilities for all three hierarchies of data are the same, so it’s no good exercising exceptional housekeeping regimes for your physical servers if you have multiple external storage devices that are not completely secure and correctly managed.

Edward Shropshire, Managing Director