The human touch should never be lost

The human touch should never be lost

May 02, 2013

Trevor Latimer’s article (Back to the future, POST, 25 April), presented a nicely balanced view of technology and how the human touch should never be lost. However, it perhaps doesn’t paint quite the full picture. Technology is still viewed by many in the industry as a problem solver, an uneasy bed partner that we know we need as “everybody else has technology and if we don’t have some new software, we’ll be falling behind.” This view sits alongside the other common held concern that “we’re not completely sure of its true value to our business.”

There is little doubt that the long-term winners will be those adjusters and indeed broader organisations that are handling claims by harnessing technology and data at a completely new level. Not merely reacting to problems, but anticipating business challenges and development opportunities and using policyholder friendly technologies to proactively get the business where it needs to be in three, five years’ time and beyond.

A well thought out technology strategy can actually help you do that, if you already have a business strategy in place, that is. It can actually support the localised personal adjusting model that Mr Latimer’s article advocates. Modern web technology means adjusters can act locally but retain the benefits of a centralised claims solution. This is a genuine ‘win:win’ opportunity and an enormous step forward for the industry generally.

So I feel us technologists have an important role to play in cutting jargon and showing what is really possible. As a result, expectations and aspirations of what technology can do, will most certainly be adjusted (upwards). 

Mark Colonnese, Sales & Marketing Director