Support where it matters for Aquarium Clients

Support where it matters for Aquarium Clients

Oct 21, 2013

Aquarium Software has announced the appointment of a new Client Support Manager to ensure businesses continue to receive the highest levels of service they have come to expect from the UK-based software specialist operating in global markets. 

Andrew Hodkinson joins Aquarium with a brief to ensure that support services for the Aquarium suite of applications are delivered to clients in the UK, Europe and the Americas, with a particular focus on clients in the insurance, legal and financial sectors, many of whom are new to this type of software. The appointment – another newly created position - comes hot on the heels of Andrew Sherwin joining the Aquarium team as Operations Director. Andrew Hodkinson will report directly to Andrew Sherwin, as part of the new Operations arm of the Aquarium management structure.

With many in the legal and professional services sector looking to take advantage of Aquarium’s bespoke solutions, the firm was keen to recruit a Client Support Manager who would appreciate the concerns and needs of these clients; having worked in a similar role at Quill Pinpoint for several years, Hodkinson ticked all the boxes.

“Over 3,000 users worldwide rely on bespoke Aquarium products to manage their entire business process and customer journey, so it was essential to appoint someone to this position with a sound understanding of this market. We needed someone who could hit the ground running from day one, and Andrew really impressed us,” said Aquarium Operations Director, Andrew Sherwin. Legal and professional services is a significant, emerging market for us, and Andrew’s experience here is a big plus for Aquarium.”

“Aquarium was well known to me by reputation, so it is a pleasure to be working for them,” said Hodkinson. “For the support team, we must be able to answer those ‘how do I’ questions, and ensure that clients get the most from their bespoke software. It’s obvious Aquarium already does a great job here; but as the company becomes a serious player in legal and professional services, you do need the experience to speak with authority on what matters to this particular audience, and this is where I think I can add real value to the Aquarium offering.”

At Quill, Andrew managed internal and external client support departments and a range of in-house and third party legal applications. Delivering client and web-based data solutions for heavily regulated firms make Hodkinson perfect for this new role, while his ease of relationship building with law firms coupled with a technical installations engineer background will likewise prove invaluable.

Aquarium follows the maxim of ‘physician, heal thyself’ and employs its own platform to deliver the best in client support services. Using the latest web-based management reporting, all support calls are individually triggered and passed automatically to the most suitably qualified support engineer. 

“When customers call, they need to know they are talking to someone who knows the client’s business and their own business enough to answer queries confidently. I have the technical expertise in configuring and installing a variety of platforms, but I also have the knowledge of the specific workings of the legal profession, which is where I can not only respond to queries, but hopefully even anticipate them before they arise.”

Hodkinson will be ensuring the Aquarium team delivers both pragmatic and technical commercial solutions, based upon his detailed vertical market expertise. Among his first tasks will be to further assist clients in defining operating and management processes, improving efficiencies, compliancy and risk management at all levels, while building process KPIs to satisfy internal and external SLAs.

“The years I have spent working with heavily regulated companies and legal firms means I can help the team prioritise the compliance issues that matter most to clients,” added Hodkinson. “The client support team is the backbone of any company because it will be how Aquarium is judged by the very clients we exist to serve. My job is to ensure we get it right, first time, every time.”