Pets reduce workplace stress, it’s official

Pets reduce workplace stress, it’s official

Apr 07, 2014

A recent US study has found that bringing pets to work could be a great stress reliever for staff, but while you might be happy with your four legged friend, would your two legged boss and colleagues feel quite the same way? Anglo-American technology company, Aquarium Software has its own paws firmly in the pet insurance market, and is convinced that many US and UK companies may be missing a trick when it comes to getting the best out of its two-legged workforce.

The study published in the International Journal of Workplace and Health Management found people who took their dogs to work reported lower stress levels compared to colleagues who did not, which mirrors anecdotal findings of other studies. “The jury is still out on if the idea could be seen across the pond”, said Aquarium Software’s Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Colonnese.

“Not everyone is a pet lover; some people suffer from pet allergies and you can understand people’s hygiene concerns. But with proper consultation, planning and implementation, some level of pets at work may offer tangible business benefits where companies can harness the culture shift. Even in the historically conservative UK. Strangely enough, the same analogy works rather well with our pet insurance process technology solutions as well,” adds Colonnese.

Animals taken into UK nursing homes have been found to lower residents’ blood pressure, but would it really work in the UK workplace? Having signed a long term partnership agreement with RSA Canada in respect of their new Pets Plus Us brand, this story is one Aquarium Software has a lead on; as Pets Plus Us do allow pets into their workplace, and are themselves reaping the benefits.

“We are considering allowing pets into our own workplace, as the evidence is rapidly becoming persuasive,” says Mark Colonnese. “But the daily 11:00am Starbucks run may need a little more thought,” he concludes.