Motivational obesity txts r GR8 idea

Motivational obesity txts r GR8 idea

Feb 14, 2014

OMG! In response to the national news story* that Stoke-on-Trent City Council is spending £10,000 on ‘motivational’ text messages to overweight people, telling them to ‘walk to the shops’ or ‘eat slightly smaller portions’, we agree that motivational texts done well may in fact have an impact.

However, Stoke’s scheme of sending daily texts to obese people with a short message of ‘advice and support’ is as hair brained as many national and local Government IT projects; it is doomed to failure because of the lack of intelligence built into the procurement process, and probably the chosen texting medium itself.

If all the texts are doing is sending messages, the campaign is inherently flawed. Because there are now texting programmes which when combined with the best software on the market, can engage with customers (in this case the local population) seeking their feedback and involvement in the campaign, to such an extent that behaviours can not only be changed, but also benchmarked, results evaluated analytically, and messages refined for future campaigns.

We are so confident that Stoke could do better by investing in Text Reactor from Aquarium, that we are prepared to offer them (and in fact any Local Authority, Government Agency or Public Health body) a free trial of the intelligent technology described. 

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