PIP, PIP hooray for training day

PIP, PIP hooray for training day

Oct 08, 2014

Organisers of a unique event held on 29 September designed to give Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) a master class on the latest software available to tackle the new insolvency regime have hailed the free event a resounding success. The Heritage Hotel in Portlaoise was the venue for the first ever Aquarium Software Training Day and the response was a case of PIP, PIP hooray!

“We were delighted with attendance at the event and would like to thank all those PIPs who came along,” said Tara Cheevers of ACO Financial and Business Solutions Ltd and Lecturer at Griffith College, Dublin, who took several workshops herself on the day. “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear PIPs recognise the potential technology has to help them support clients and maximise their productivity. This software is incredibly useful but only if PIPs fully appreciate how to make the most of it and I think that’s why there has been so much interest in today’s event.”

The event was seen as an important prelude to the ISI awareness campaign running in October to encourage more people to use the services on offer as well as ensuring as many PIPs as possible have their technology up to speed and back office procedures in place to focus all their efforts on clients, many of whom can be facing difficult circumstances and uncertain futures without a professional PIP to guide them.

Aquarium Software Ireland, Director Mark Harrop was extremely pleased with the turnout. “Today has been a fantastic success; we have had some really great feedback, with important input and enthusiasm shown by delegates. I would like to thank everyone who attended. What became clear is the emotional angle PIPs face when clients come to see them and the more software can take the strain of the basics, the more face time a PIP has to spend with a client. We call this ‘customer journey’ – but it’s much more than that. It serves to improve the reputation of the PIP concerned and equally important, the reputation of this emerging service.”

The day’s sessions covered handling enquiries and inputting a case, the production of key documentation including the PIP Proposal Form and ‘Fred and Wilma’, client communications and banking solutions.  The event also allowed networking sessions, while the afternoon concluded with a Q&A and a look at future developments already underway.

“We know the take up of new debt arrangements has been lower than originally anticipated, but people are understandably nervous of something new,” added Tara. “This software moves way beyond simple ‘number crunching’, to give PIPs the time to spend with clients safe in the knowledge the software can handle the background tasks. Once the general public see the service working for people in a positive way, the current trickle of new debt arrangements has the potential to become a flood. This software can facilitate a positive reputation now and at the same time, has the flexibility built in to cope with increased demand.”

“Our event was all about showing PIPs the full range of benefits available and we are delighted that it has been so well received. Once the ISI campaign concludes, we will stand ready to provide more advice and assistance to PIPs moving forwards, but after this event, it’s clear everyone has every confidence in the ultimate success of this process now and in the future.” concluded Mark.