It’s time for Whitehall to leave Tax to the experts

It’s time for Whitehall to leave Tax to the experts

Sep 22, 2014

The Government’s plans to incorporate specialist businesses into the replacement IT system responsible for collecting £500 Bn worth of income tax is a wise move. With the current solution being bulky and rigid, the new thinking from Whitehall is that it would be much more efficient and effective splitting the project into 100 separate contracts and calling on the expertise, experience and knowledge of some of the smaller and more agile UK tech businesses.

As an SME and technology platform developer, we know how we play an important part in making huge projects work by completing elements assigned to us on time and within budget. Employing dynamic businesses with the enthusiasm and commitment to deliver, whilst working collectively and collaboratively is the key. These types of businesses are better equipped to meet the requirements of Whitehall at a much lower cost.  It’s now time for the money to go back into smaller businesses who prop up UK PLC.

The fear inducing element for the tax payer is the scale of the task at hand in breaking up such a large system and incorporating these smaller businesses into it. There’s no doubt that the process needs to be carefully planned and to underestimate its size would be a great risk; however, with due consideration and the appointment of project managers well versed in handling multiple smaller contracts, the Government can – and should -  make the desired cuts and improve a dated tax collection system. For years, we have seen the large computer companies fail on an epic scale time after time – it’s time to try a new way. Go for it Dave!

Mark Colonnese, Director