Beehive-eating dog a stinging reminder of pet insurance importance

Beehive-eating dog a stinging reminder of pet insurance importance

Dec 21, 2015

Pet insurance software expert Aquarium Software says the winner of the ‘Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year’ award proves the importance of insuring our four-legged friends due to their unpredictable behaviour. The Hambone Award, run by American pet insurers Nationwide, honours pets who have visited their vet due to bizarre and unusual circumstances and as such result in their pet parents having to make a claim.

This year’s winner, Ellie a Labrador retriever ate an entire beehive along with the bees in it. Mark Colonnese, VP and Sales & Marketing Director at Aquarium Software Inc., says stories like this confirm the importance of insurance.

“This award proves just how vital pet insurance is for responsible pet parents,” says Mark. “Animals can get themselves into all sorts of problems due to a lack of understanding when it comes to danger and general health concerns. This award and the examples in it prove that.”

In another story, Darci the white terrier tried to bite a buzzing chainsaw, whilst Aubie the Border collie jumped through a closed living room window to get to the postman, cutting his left front leg in the process.

Mark warns that the process of insuring our four-legged friends could become complicated if more bizarre problems are added to the mix when it comes to claims.

“Technology can help massively,” says Mark. “Smart technology platforms like our own are used to keep pet records up to date especially when pet parents make a claim. This approach ensures that no matter when or what the nature of the claim the complete medical history of the pet is kept up to date and accessible to the health professionals and parents at all time. Ultimately it’s about identifying an individual’s animal’s history with ease, thus making the claim really work in the interest of the customer at what can be a very upsetting time.”