Compulsory pet insurance is the way forward

Compulsory pet insurance is the way forward

Dec 14, 2015

Pet insurance software expert Aquarium Software says calls for pet insurance to be made compulsory by law in Scotland are a step in the right direction and will benefit all those involved with pets from owners and insurers, to vets and even the animals themselves.

The calls come from petitioner Karen Harvey, who has spoken to members of the Scottish Parliament about the need to implement compulsory pet insurance legislation.

The MSPs heard that there is no NHS for pets, so some form of guaranteed healthcare should be available to ensure animals don’t go without - a sentiment that Aquarium’s Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Colonnese agrees with.

“Animals can develop health issues in just the same way as humans,” said Mark. “It seems extremely unfair that a pet, which provides us with companionship, comfort and love, should suffer just because the owner can’t afford the necessary treatment. In the same way a car in the UK must be insured, it’s only reasonable to expect the same practice is afforded to our furry friends.”

Although this initiative is unlikely to be implemented any time soon, Aquarium Software believes that this is a step in the right direction for pets in the UK. Only around 15 per cent of the 46 per cent of UK households that own pets actually have insurance, leaving the majority of pets without cover if the unimaginable happens. The company suggest that a compulsory system would mean a safer future for pets across the country. Mark says whilst the procedure could be difficult to implement, the benefits would far outweigh the drawbacks.

“At Aquarium we believe in bringing insurance technology in line with both business and consumer developments so that we can potentially cope with such legislation and anticipate future trends in advance,” said Mark. “Social, legislative and technological aspects are shifting each day – the pace of change continually increases; if your technology stands still, you are effectively moving backwards at an alarming rate.