Aquarium gives pet insurance industry something to bark about at US NAPHIA Summit

Aquarium gives pet insurance industry something to bark about at US NAPHIA Summit

Jun 03, 2015

Following the conclusion of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) Summit in Hollywood, Florida, on 28 May, Aquarium Software Inc. declared the event a huge success, with some really interesting insights from veterinarians in how they perceive pet insurance and the US and a strong suggestion that the industry should come together to find ways to cooperate to grow the pet insurance industry as a single body until penetration levels are at least doubled digit.

Joining an impressive global pet insurance industry cast, Aquarium was amongst some of the leaders in the four-legged insurance world. Guest speakers included John Ratliff of GazellesPRO who spoke about how to revolutionise employee engagement on the first day of the event; the inspirational Louie Gravance, extolling the virtues of customer service, on Wednesday, while fellow world pet insurance player, Simon Wheeler from Agria UK, delivered a thought provoking analysis on the European pet market.  Also present at this year’s conference was Jack Stephens, the ‘father’ of pet insurance in North America who wrote the first ever pet insurance policy in 1982 for Hollywood star, Lassie.

“Once again this event has delivered a range of fresh insight based on a deep understanding of the market from those who know it inside and out,” said Mark Colonnese, VP Sales and Marketing. It is clear that pet insurance fraud and data driven strategies to restrict premium increases are going to be right at the top of the agenda for the foreseeable future. 

With an enviable track record in a range of insurance markets, Aquarium specialises in developing insurance technology platforms for the more niche General Insurance (GI) lines, including of course pet and also gadget and travel. Using state of the art cloud technology and a unique approach to ‘management by exception’, Aquarium’s platforms offer insurers system integration and efficiency and pioneers the delivery of an unprecedented customer journey.

Its technology encompasses the entire process from ‘product design, policy admin, billing, employee benefits through to claims.                                             

The NAPHIA summit offers the perfect place to get on the inside track when it comes to the pet health insurance industry in the Americas. For Aquarium and others, the event was the opportunity to meet with peers, network with both new and existing contacts and share the latest best practice on unlocking the industry’s growth potential.           

Aquarium very much look forward to next year’s Summit and applaud the entire NAPHIA team for delivering what was “a truly excellent conference”.