Healthy bytes benefit pets in the battle of the bulge

Healthy bytes benefit pets in the battle of the bulge

Mar 25, 2015

In the wake of news that famous fitness instructor Mr Motivator has joined the Kennel Club’s Get Fit with Fido health and fitness campaign 2015 for overweight pets and their owners, bosses at Aquarium Software are saying that trimming some of the fat off premiums, as a treat for healthy living could be one stick worth chasing in the battle against the bulge.

With both dog and human obesity reaching record levels and policy premiums expanding with waistlines to take account of the cost unhealthy pets have on increased need for vet bill claims, using the power of pet insurance software to reward pet parents who look after their pets with lower premiums makes sense.

A 2014 study carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) involving 200 pets and 1,000 owners revealed that almost half of cats and dogs are now considered obese by vets. Obesity is killing pets and people alike and with the cost of treating obesity related conditions in pets is estimated at some $325 million a year, swapping unhealthy bites for bytes could be a better approach.

“It is going to take more than one fitness instructor, however good, to tackle the rising cost physical and financial of the unhealthy lifestyles we are now inflicting on our pets,” said Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Colonnese. “Rewarding careful drivers with lower premiums has proved a win-win for insurer and motorist alike and those who take care of their pets should be rewarded with lower premiums too.”

The latest pet insurance software has the functionality to deliver a carrot and stick approach to policy premiums. Powerful data mining can highlight those pets at risk by linking through to vetinary records and if pet parents can see unhealthy lifestyles piling the pounds on their premiums, they may have a bigger incentive to take some of the pounds off their pooch if they are transformed into pounds in their own pocket. For insurers, those at higher risk pay a higher price, while healthy pets are less likely to need to make a claim.

Software can place all the necessary data at an insurer’s fingertips, allowing them to track specific animals and trends and identify common health problems. Accurate forecasting the health of our furry friends allows us to tailor their insurance and healthcare needs accordingly. The Aquarium pet insurance platform employs ‘management by exception’ across the entire customer journey, from ‘quote and buy’ to claims handling, each element designed to give users and pet parents alike pertinent information when they need it, rather than reams of data that may not be immediately relevant.                                                                      

Research carried out by the Kennel Club showed that Davina McCall (her husband is the former presenter of Pet Rescue) was the fitness inspiration for the nearly 50% of dog owners looking to lose weight themselves as much as to get their dogs in shape. While Mr Motivator (aka Derrick Evans) is good news for pets, he has also worked on Change4Life, so it’s helping their owners as much as anything else.

“Campaigns to encourage fitness generally make sense, but the more incentive we can give people to change unhealthy lifestyles themselves the better and money can be a big motivator,” added Mark. “The use of effective software can reward pet parent and pet alike and makes sense for all involved. Software cuts the costs for insurers too, although delivering an improved customer journey along with product flexibility is proving the motivation for US companies taking a closer look at our modern software solutions.”