Pet insurers needs to place empathy top of their list

Pet insurers needs to place empathy top of their list

Nov 16, 2015

I was shocked to read recently that a major pet insurer was still demanding insurance premiums from someone even though their pet had passed away.

Pet insurers need to recognise that they are providing a service to people for something they more often than not class as something more than a friend, and in many cases a member of the family.

It is vital therefore that the entire pet insurance process is painless for pet owners throughout the entirety of the customer’s journey, but especially when a pet sadly passes away.

Intelligently specified and deployed technology platforms can help. If insurers manage information and data through efficient and intuitive software they will be able to provide a better service on every level.

The public’s faith in pet insurance is already shaky and the product because of its emotive nature, gets a great deal of media scrutiny; as soon as the industry realises the death of a family pet is not the same as having a car written off, progress will have been made and public confidence will be restored.

Mistakes like this are not only embarrassing for the insurer concerned but they negatively affect the industry as a whole. As an industry we really need to up our game.

Yours faithfully


Mark Colonnese
Managing Director, Aquarium Software