Bizarre claims highlight importance of pet insurance

Bizarre claims highlight importance of pet insurance

Oct 19, 2015

Pet insurance software expert Aquarium Software says a ‘Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year’ award highlights the importance of insuring our furry friends. The Hambone Award, run by American pet insurers Nationwide, honours pets who have visited their vet due to bizarre and unusual circumstances and as such result in their pet parents having to make a claim. Nationwide, America’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance searches through its database of more than 550,000 insured pets to find the “Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claim of the Year.”

Stories this year included a bulldog who swallowed the nametags off his collar whilst still wearing it and a miniature Dachshund who fended off a rattlesnake who was trying to attack his siblings.

Mark Colonnese, VP and Sales & Marketing Director at Aquarium Software Inc., says these stories and the award in general proves how important pet insurance is, as the wholly unexpected and bizarre really can happen.

“These examples confirm how unpredictable animals can be in their actions and behaviours,” says Mark. “In some respects, pet insurance is more vital than regular health insurance as animals can get themselves into all sorts of danger due to lack of awareness of the risks involved. This award - and the examples in it - prove exactly why pet insurance is essential.”

Mark warns that the process of insuring our four-legged friends could become more complicated in the future if the more bizarre pet claims are added to the mix when pricing new policies.

“Technology can help massively,” says Mark. “Smart platforms designed from the ground up with the ‘pet parent’ in mind, can be used to ensure records are kept up to date, ensuring that risk profiles and policies are accurate even down to which breeds are most likely to ingest a foreign object, for example."

He goes on to say that "Overall it’s about identifying an individual animal’s (and owner’s) claims history and likelihood of claiming in the future. While this kind of profiling is commonplace in the wider GI world, the pet insurance business has been until recently lagging behind."