Safe Harbour - “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Safe Harbour - “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Oct 14, 2015

Anyone who’s ever had to telephone a call centre will probably admit they’ve been keen to end their call once they’ve obtained what they were phoning for initially.

But the recent safe harbour ruling – invalidating an agreement between the US and the European Commission that lets businesses transfer data on European citizens across the Atlantic - may see an end to this train of thought, and instead see customers asking call centre staff exactly what’s happening to their data.

Mass media attention means consumer awareness of data related issues is heightened like never before, something call centre staff and businesses across the country will have to be prepared for.

When customers ask about their data, staff at the other end will have to be up to speed with contemporary protocols, a process which could require the significant retraining of call centre agents.

Of course, once this re-training exercise has begun, organisations employing call centres might be shocked to discover their data protocols aren’t as robust as they ought to be.

Data Protection law already clearly defines the rules for safe data storage and transfer. In theory, all major organisations should be compliant, however the reality may be somewhat different dependent upon the internal IT applications and processes being employed.

The data genie is out of the bottle. People are going to want answers about their data, and rightly so. We can thank Snowdon and Schrems for that.


Ed Shropshire
Managing Director, Aquarium Software