VARs’ business set to flower with StepOne launch

VARs’ business set to flower with StepOne launch

Sep 28, 2015

A limited number of Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the contact centre technology space are set to see a new solution unveiled, offering them the latest platform with which to wow clients and ultimately add value to their own businesses.

Aquarium Software’s revolutionary new contact centre platform, StepOne, is set to be formally unveiled at the Customer Contact Expo (CCE) at London’s Olympia, from 30 September – 1 October. The prestigious event provides selected VARs the perfect opportunity to witness the future technology backbone for call centre integration, live, for the first time.

Using the Aquarium ‘backbone’, StepOne effectively combines different technologies via one, intuitive GUI, ensuring rapid access for contact centre teams and as a result a dramatically improved customer conversation and journey. Whilst Aquarium showcases StepOne at the CCE, the technology platform experts have already made moves in the market, by forging links with three of the major solutions providers who immediately saw the potential benefits to their customers.
Aquarium’s Managing Director, Ed Shropshire, believes VARs and contact centres will realise how valuable StepOne is, as soon as they see it demonstrated. Unlike many new technologies, StepOne requires little training and is designed to make life easier, not more difficult!

“StepOne has been designed with the busiest contact centres in mind, with minimal deployment time” explains Ed. “That’s one of the many great advantages of StepOne – once it’s introduced to even the busiest contact centre environment, business interruption is negligible. Existing systems can be integrated in no time at all.”

 As a result, StepOne is ideal for companies under pressure to improve performance and regulatory compliance. A recent survey by the Which? consumer group revealed that out of 3,500 people asked, nearly a third were annoyed about being passed around different people, highlighting how much work the call centre industry has to do to please customers.      

Ed explains how the productivity of a contact centre’s team is held back as staff have to use multiple systems, going back and forth between different applications and screens, as a result slowing down productivity.

“As a single configurable user interface, StepOne seamlessly talks to existing applications and databases at once, allowing contact centre staff to access information in a fashion more suitable to their environment. This rapid accessibility can greatly improve the customer’s journey. What’s more, StepOne can identify bottlenecks in potential areas then update the system accordingly so it can cope with the current workload.

“StepOne is designed with contact centres and their staff in mind. It’s about the right tools for the right processes. Ultimately, the end customer is the winner, and that has to be good for all of us,” concluded Ed