In the dog house: owners reprimanded for unhealthy pet diets

In the dog house: owners reprimanded for unhealthy pet diets

Apr 05, 2016

Pet owners in the UK have been reminded of the need for pet insurance in light of recent research showing increasingly poor health and obesity among the nation’s cats and dogs.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis can all be caused by animals being overweight, and software expert Aquarium is urging pet owners to adequately cover their pets, in case poor diet leads to expensive operations.

With veterinary fees often costing several thousand pounds, our pets getting ill can prove extremely costly. However, with as many as 72% of cat owners not following official feeding guidelines, the need for operations is likely to go up, not down.

“Sadly, pet health has never been worse,” says Mark Colonnese, Sales and Marketing Director of Aquarium software, a leading technology provider to insurers. “Pet insurance has never been more important, as more and more of our pets need operations and other costly veterinary procedures.”

While some pets’ insatiable appetite can make it hard not to overfeed them, some of the reasons for the recent upsurge in obesity are unforgivable, according to Mark. “Giving your dog one too many treats is understandable, but why owners are giving their animals unhealthy, sugary ‘human’ food like takeaways is crossing a dangerous line. I was even more shocked to find out about owners giving alcohol to their pets; you wouldn’t give alcohol to a child so why give it to a pet?”