Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Aug 11

Brits squander over £678m each year in uninsured vets’ bills

A new YouGov survey commissioned by pet insurance technology expert Aquarium Software indicates that approximately £678m a year – equating to £1.8m every day – could be being spent unnecessarily by uninsured pet owners* on veterinary fees. Over half of pet owners (57 per cent) in Great Britain do not have any pet insurance and these costs could otherwise have been covered by insurance. Aquarium Software is urging all pet owners to take out pet insurance to avoid being faced with the unexpected, unpredictable financial costs associated with vets’ bills.

Almost half of households in Britain own a pet and the combined annual cost of vets fees is estimated at over £1b, with pet insurance providers making a combined annual pay-out of £452m (moneysupermarket).
While pet insurance may seem like an unnecessary or avoidable expense, many owners could be unaware of just how expensive veterinary care can be. Recent cases highlighting the costs include a pet owner in Scotland being charged £1,200 after her Labrador retriever swallowed a pool ball; and a goldish owner who paid £300 in vets’ fees to cure his pet’s constipation. 

Mark Colonnese, sales and marketing director for Aquarium Software, said: “There’s really no need for people to be faced with huge bills and to suffer the emotional turmoil of deciding ‘is the pet worth it?’
Many pet owners can be lulled into a false sense of security; their pets seem healthy and well, and so the cost of insurance seems avoidable,” said Mark. “However, pets do sadly become ill or injured unexpectedly, and while there are often excellent veterinary treatments available, they can come at a significant cost.”