Bring customer services functions back home, says British public

Bring customer services functions back home, says British public

Dec 23, 2016

A new YouGov survey commissioned by contact centre technology expert Aquarium Software shows the overwhelming majority (78 per cent) of Brits prefer talking to contact centre staff based in the country they live in. Aquarium Software suggests bringing operations back to post-Brexit Britain will improve customer journey, and deliver a welcome economic boost in the process.

While a desire to see contact centre staff based locally was almost universally acknowledged by all age groups, the sentiment was prominent (87 per cent) among the over 55s. Some of the UK’s biggest names in contact centres, Santander and BT have already moved operations ‘onshore’ and Aquarium says there are benefits for both business and post Brexit Britain alike for others to follow suit.

“Relocating jobs in Britain all help restore national morale in uncertain economic times,” said Aquarium Software managing director Ed Shropshire. “Sound economic arguments can be made for restructuring the economy and contact centres can be a key plank of this process. Britain needs a skilled workforce and high-tech driven jobs are good news.”

The desire to speak to someone in Britain stems from recognition that there is more to customer service than the ‘front-of-house’ activity of answering the phone. There is backroom activity customers never see, but this research can be seen as call for a customer journey seen to deliver results on the ground and Brexit gives a new impetus implement it. With offshoring more expensive following the 20 per cent devaluation in sterling, repatriating operations is cost effective, creates jobs and makes the 78 per cent happy too. Cheaper exports make the economy less lop-sided by encouraging producers and Ed says business must focus on positives.

“As a technology specialist based in the UK, but with global interests, Aquarium is focused on positives in the wake of Brexit,” added Ed. “Connecting multi-strands of business operations and improving customer outcomes is doable with the right technology and falls in the value of sterling are a good thing for relocating contact centres and exporters alike.

Omnichannel systems synchronise everything between disparate bases, systems and formats and improve customer journey in the process. By implementing these changes, coupled with relocating, contact centres can reform their public image and make a success of new realities.”