Fetch! As national pet month looms, it’s time for pet software to get better integrated

Fetch! As national pet month looms, it’s time for pet software to get better integrated

Feb 16, 2016

In the lead up to UK National Pet Month (1 April - 2 May 2016) pet industry systems integrator, Aquarium Software, is calling for a more unified approach to the technology driving all aspects of pet welfare.  It is anticipated of those with an interests in pet culture and care, few will object to this approach.

Integrating and growing the available intelligence on all things pet related – from sources like vets, insurers, academics, retailers and pet parents – will improve pet wellbeing and fuel reliable sector predictions. As a result, enabling pet service providers to carry out effective R&D and clinical research, plan products and services and deliver against customer demands. It will also empower pet parents to make informed choices.

Data about dog injuries from sticks and other specific activates, for example, is largely anecdotal, says Mark Colonnese, Director at Aquarium Software. “There are no reliable statistics to corroborate the extent of the real picture. Currently, the pet-related data out there is held in different places and isn’t easy to find or to make links between the sources,” Colonnese says. “Injuries from sticks is just one example; the disparate technology platforms used do not currently lend themselnves to this type of data sharing.”

Since 2008, the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) has been encouraging UK veterinary practices to input data following each consultation. This data is then held centrally at SAVSNET. The project was created to monitor infectious disease in animals. However, incompatibilities between the varying software systems that veterinary practices use mean that fewer than 10 per cent of the estimated 2,500 veterinary practices in the UK are taking part in the SAVSNET project, according to the charity.

“Data capture of the kind that this project is driving is enormously valuable to pet parents, pet insurers, and the wider pet market,” continues Colonnese. “We should be working towards integrating all insights, not only from vets but from all relevant data sources, into a flexible single user interface, that all pet industry stakeholders can access and manipulate to suit their varying needs.    

Imagine the positive effect it would have if vets, pet insurers and pet parents could seamlessly deal with a case from a single place,” he concluded.

Aquarium Software has been implementing their technology platform to the pet insurance sector for a number of years. It’s cloud-based system can interact seamlessly with other applications across a wide range of users and partners. An integrated cross-agency software solution will mean the pet insurance sector will be able to more intelligently develop products and packages, set premiums based on intelligence and have a deeper understanding of predictions that will touch pet health, as well as gathering a much deeper understanding of their current and future customers and offer them the best targeted products and services.