Correct technology vital to underpin microchipping laws

Correct technology vital to underpin microchipping laws

Jan 04, 2016

Upcoming laws which will see compulsory microchipping for dogs in Wales will not only be assisted with the correct technology platforms but these solutions will be key to the schemes success, says pet insurance software expert Aquarium. All dogs over eight weeks old in Wales will have to be microchipped when The Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015 comes into force on 6 April 2016.

With a vast amount of data such as the owner’s details as well as the individual pets to be registered, Aquarium’s Sales and Marketing Director Mark Colonnese says correctly designed and implemented complementary technologies are required to act as the foundation for the high volumes of data that will be stored and ultimately harvested from the tags.

“Compulsory chipping is in the long-term interests of pets, owners, and the insurance industry,” says Colonnese. “But a vast amount of data being collected and stored would be meaningless without a robust and secure storage and integration strategy. We are sure the Welsh Government will have thought this through when there are suddenly an extra 100,000 plus dogs creating millions of new data impressions on the system,” he adds.

Of the 534,000 dogs in Wales, 22 per cent are currently not microchipped, something which Mark says confirms the great workload which will need to be processed as pet parents attempt to register their four-legged friends. “You’re not just looking at a potential increase of just 22 per cent as there are new dogs to be factored in as well,” Mark explained. “The numbers involved are huge so it’s vital that the transfer of this information is correctly processed, and the purpose and potential usefulness of all the new data has been clearly mapped out.

“Overall this change in law in Wales will see more data accessible for vets and insurers. This can only be a positive development and could see a more general reform of pet insurance in other territories, something which will only help pet parents and insurers alike,” concluded Colonnese.