Don’t let fat cats drain your wallet

Don’t let fat cats drain your wallet

Jan 29, 2016

Pet insurance technology expert Aquarium Software is reminding pet owners the importance of correctly insuring their furry friends, following news in Liverpool of vets seeing soaring rates of obesity amongst pets. Vets in the Gateacre and West Derby areas of the city found that obesity among pets had increased by 10 per cent in the last year, with a staggering 25 per cent of cats now deemed to be overweight. Just like humans, overweight animals can face serious health consequences, which could lead to costly operations, making the correct pet insurance cover more important than ever.

Aquarium’s Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Colonnese says pet parents should feed their four-legged friends responsibly. “Overfeeding a pet is something which should be taken seriously,” said Mark. “It’s important to bear in mind the quality of food, the different types on offer, and of course portion sizes, feeding timetables and exercise are all important parts of the mix. This is something that a vet will of course be able to advise on. But for pets that are obese, they may be more susceptible to certain illnesses and conditions.”

Whilst adjusting your dog’s diet may seem like a more simple solution, Mark says this may be nothing more than a quick fix, pointing to the fact that obesity can occur in pets for other reasons - not just from overeating.

“Animals can become obese for many reasons, so pet insurance is vital. Pedigree dogs for example are notorious for developing a range of health problems at a young age, which in turn can contribute to a lack of exercise and increased fatigue. Cats on the other hand, especially as they get older, live on the whole sedentary lifestyles – so it’s perhaps not surprising to see 25 per cents are now deemed as overweight. What this all points towards is the necessity of good pet health and the associated insurance cover, whether your pet appears overweight or not.”

With many operations costing thousands of pounds, the relatively low cost of insurance is a no-brainer insists Mark; and with the number of overweight pets rising, the need for expensive operations will only increase, giving further ‘weight’ to the need for robust cover. “Pet insurance allows you to look back on any claim as a tale to remember, rather than a never-ending headache – for you and your pets,” he concluded.