Aquarium helps NCI win a place at the top table of pet insuranc

Aquarium helps NCI win a place at the top table of pet insuranc

Jun 01, 2016

NCI is leading a market revolution in the pet insurance world thanks to a little help from Manchester based insurance technology provider, Aquarium Software. NCI needed a partner who could deliver a software solution tailored to their unique needs, which included an understanding of the pet insurance market yet at the same time provide them with the flexibility to make changes when necessary.

NCI’s move into the pet insurance sector resulted in rapid growth followed by a need for the kind of bespoke software that would allow the company to take the business to the next level – in order to attract not only the big names in underwriting, but additional affinity partners too.

“Most recently NCI has been given the ‘thumbs-up’ from Aviva following extensive due diligence by Ernst & Young,” said Craig Astbury, NCI Group IT Director. “We could not have done this without Aquarium’s incredible support.”

To arrive at Aquarium, NCI went through an extensive procurement exercise, but many of the well-established vendors were either not flexible enough or lacked an appreciation of the nuances of the pet insurance sector. With just 12 weeks before needing to ‘go-live’ and 10,000 AXA underwritten renewals coming on stream, Aquarium had to hit the ground running. On the back of this success, Aviva’s decision to partner with NCI for the provision of pet insurance was a massive win for the NCI team.

“The efficiencies Aquarium has brought to the NCI business are significant and compelling,” added Astbury. “We can now add big brands, as we need and make changes without Aquarium’s direct involvement, giving us total flexibility. When we need support, Aquarium is always there but we believe the systems we have in place are now better than Allianz and RSA, with all the power needed to jump through every client’s needs.”

“For many companies like NCI, the consideration is: ‘Do I build this myself or do I source externally?’” said Mark Colonnese, Sales and marketing Director at Aquarium Software. “When you’re looking at an area that is so niche, the ‘build it yourself’ argument can often seem strong. But many insurers underestimate the size of this task.”

Aquarium specialises in designing bespoke technology platforms for pet insurers; processes designed to deliver better pet care and an enhanced customer journey. The pet insurance software experts also focus on improving the effectiveness of the entire process from the initial quote and buy through to policy administration and claims management. It is this specialisation that has been key to NCI success.

“Aquarium’s strategy is to be the worldwide de-facto standard pet insurance software supplier,” added Mark. “Our clients can ‘have their cake and eat it’. I am delighted we have been able to help NCI get a seat at the top table. Aviva’s decision to work with them is a fantastic vote of confidence for them too. NCI have some very exciting projects in the pipeline and we look forward to helping them come to fruition.”
Aquarium Software develops and hosts a cloud platform solution designed to integrate data, deliver robotic process automation and produce intelligent management information. Aquarium Software is currently being implemented by a number of key global insurers and affinity partners across the UK, Europe and North America.