Preparations to celebrate a decade of exceptional technology development

Preparations to celebrate a decade of exceptional technology development

Mar 21, 2016

Aquarium Software, the UK, US and Irish based cloud technology pioneer, is getting ready to celebrate its ten year anniversary on 2 May 2016.

The company was founded in 2006 when a talented group of entrepreneurial technologists, headed by Ed Shropshire and Mark Colonnese, brought their shared vision to reality. That vision was to create the first true multi-tenanted, SaaS business process platform that would be infinitely scalable and adaptable. Since that day in 2006, Aquarium Software has evolved to serve 30 million end customers; dealt with 300 million customer interactions and 300 billion individual records, using 102 server processors and carried 200 terabytes of documents.

The company now has a valued staff team of 33, growing from the initial six, and is still proud to be described as a lean and agile organisation. During its ten year lifetime, Aquarium’s prime focus has been on service and support and developing their platform to meet the needs of their client base. This approach has led technology revolutions in the insurance, finance and contact centre sectors, so far.

The key? “We still have an insatiable appetite and passion for what we do,” says Ed Shropshire, Managing Director of Aquarium Software. “As a team, we’re driven, creative and collaborative. We never lose our sense of wonder at the world and the possibilities of technology to enrich and delight life.  We have very strong relationships with our clients and a real understanding of their needs.

“We all know the evolution of technology over the last ten years has been phenomenal - and it’s non-abating. When we founded Aquarium back in 2006, the best-selling mobile phone at the time was the Nokia 1600. Now just ten years on, we’ve seen the rise of the smartphone and tablet and now we’re witnessing the phablet revolution. In 2006, the Nintendo Wii was released – now it’s all about virtual reality. It’s difficult to imagine now not having social media, but it was only in 2006 that Facebook was extended to be available to anyone beyond educational institutions.
“We’re living in an extremely exciting epoch where not only the tech is changing but consumer markets are evolving constantly. As a team we thrive on being one step ahead and offering market solutions, sometimes before the market itself even realises it needs them. The companies that look ahead, look to us.

“We’ve seen how every business needs to be able to instantly change, seize opportunities or risk falling behind or ceasing to exist altogether. To do this, every aspect of their system must be agile, and that requires agile thought and management to implement change instantly. That’s what we do best,” concludes Ed.