Pet insurance praised for clause clarity

Pet insurance praised for clause clarity

Nov 22, 2016

In a world where people are generally suspicious of small print, the pet insurance industry is to be applauded, according to Aquarium Software.

Aquarium has published new YouGov research revealing that 64 per cent of pet insurance holders in Britain think the small print on their pet insurance (including policy coverage and exclusions) is clear. The pet insurance technology specialist says whilst 64 per cent is a good start, there is still room for improvement, and technology has a vital part to play in getting this figure closer to 100%.

Mark Colonnese, Sales and Marketing Director at Aquarium Software says the latest YouGov findings show that providers are now getting it broadly right, but more can be done to ensure that pet owners fully understand their pet insurance plans – and as a result obtain better health care and cover for their furry friends.

“This latest YouGov survey really gives the industry something to get its claws into,” said Mark. “The findings are certainly encouraging. We’ve called in the past for a central pet register. Once implemented, this could be expanded to become a holistic portal linking pets to vets, to the insurers, creating a virtuous circle of well informed pet parents, healthy pets, comprehensive cover and reducing premiums.

“Technology is already delivering pet insurance cover in a way that is more easily managed and understood. With younger generations embracing technology more than ever and showing no signs of deserting pet ownership, the future is bright both for policyholders and the pet insurance industry,” concluded Mark.