K9 London bus tours are more than a novelty

K9 London bus tours are more than a novelty

Apr 05, 2017

As the world’s first city bus tour for dogs comes to an end in London, pet insurance technologist Aquarium Software says the free service demonstrated not only the importance of insurers finding new routes to market, but also the sector’s desire to keep premiums down by encouraging pets and their parents to remain active.

The route followed in the paw prints of the capital’s best dog walking spots, to mark the launch of a pet care and protection service by More Th>n, including pet insurance and an activity monitor tracking a dog’s exercise levels. Owners were treated to historical ‘tails’ of dogs in London, from Downing Street, to the corgis of Her Majesty the Queen, and pawsed at one of London’s best kept secrets, the Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park. Aquarium believes similar initiatives will follow, as insurers take a lead in encouraging healthier pets.

“We are going to be seeing more unusual routes to market in the next few years as insurers develop the sector and help pet parents keep their furry friends in fine fettle,” said Mark Colonnese, Sales and Marketing Director at Aquarium Software. “Following fitbits for dogs, ‘Terrier Tours’ is hardly surprising. Encouraging pet exercise is to be applauded, and technology will have a key role to play in ensuring such initiatives provide meaningful long-term data,” he added. “A bus tour for dogs sounds barking at first, but it makes complete sense,” added Colonnese. “The vendor gets to showcase services to its target market and extol the virtue of healthy dogs to pet parents everywhere. The UK is in the midst of a pet obesity epidemic and encouraging more pavement pounding rather than calorie pounding is a smart move or premiums will expand along with waistlines,” Colonnese concluded.

While YouGov research for Aquarium Software revealed almost half of pet owning Brits (47 per cent) think the cost of pet insurance is about right, flabby fidos means higher premiums. This threat is best averted by software and if integrated correctly, a tailored, technology platform enables the sector to set premiums based on reliable data and takes the guesswork out of costing pet health.