Pet Parents will take centre stage at NAPHIA Leadership Forum 23-25 May, 2017

Pet Parents will take centre stage at NAPHIA Leadership Forum 23-25 May, 2017

Apr 24, 2017

Experts from pet insurance technologist Aquarium Software Inc. will deliver a major speech in Phoenix, Arizona on 24 May, at the 2017 North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) Leadership Forum. Focusing on the emotional connection between pet and pet parent and its impact on the customer journey, the presentation is set to touch on themes of critical importance to UK-US pet insurance sectors.

On the morning of day two, Mark Colonnese, Aquarium’s VP Sales and Marketing and Managing Director Ed Shropshire, will offer attendees a unique insight into the contrast between US and UK pet parents and what that means for the market, both sides of the pond - following on from new research to be revealed by Aquarium on the day. “As an Associate member of NAPHIA, we are delighted to be developing the relationship further by delivering a speech on Wednesday morning at the Leadership Forum,” said Mark Colonnese, commenting on the forthcoming event. “While sharing our own expertise, we will also be looking to learn more about the relationship between US and Canadian operators in the pet insurance sector, and how we might help facilitate this growth.”

Many NAPHIA members do business both sides of the US-Canadian border and the 2016 NAPHIA State of the Industry Report revealed Gross Written Premium (GWP) in both territories was significantly up on the previous year. The US saw an increase of 17.1 per cent from 2014 and Canada and increase of 15 per cent.

“We are happy to have Aquarium on board for the 2017 Leadership Forum,” said Rob Jackson, CEO of HealthyPaws Pet Insurance and Foundation, Chair of this year’s NAPHIA Leadership Forum. “Aquarium’s global experience means they have deep insights to share with this audience, in terms of what factors unite (and separate) pet parents in the US and the UK and how this may impact on a more profitable pet insurance business model.”                                                                                  

Aquarium has a strong relationship with NAPHIA. Sponsoring the summit in 2014 was followed by lead sponsor status in 2015 and Associate membership in 2016; all part of cementing Aquarium’s place as a key player in the insurance technology sector. A gathering of North American leaders, from NAPHIA members, insurance companies, partner organisations and industry followers, the Leadership Forum is a networking event with opportunities to explore best practices and new initiatives in the pet health insurance industry; the perfect platform for Aquarium, as NAPHIA marks ten years of helping the industry become top dog.

“Aquarium’s experience of the impact technologies have on the customer journey undertaken by pet parents will be beneficial to attendees,” explained Mark. “The industry must treat pet insurance with the same intellectual rigour as any other General Insurance line and Aquarium is leading the pack of those providing the industry with the technical solutions to do that.”