Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Dec 30

Festive tipples poisoning Tiddles

The latest industry research has found that more and more pets are being poisoned by alcohol, either by accidentally leaving drinks unattended, or by intentionally giving pets a drink, leading to technology specialist Aquarium Software to reinstate the importance of good pet parenting. Indeed, Aquarium Software warns that Big Data can have serious negative effects on people’s policy premiums, meaning bad pet parents may be financially punished.

New research reveals that in 2015, vets treating pets who had suffered alcohol poisoning contacted the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) for advice on the best treatment on 26 occasions, up from just 15 in 2000. Whilst the numbers may not sound huge, individual stories highlight the extremely serious nature of the escalating problem. A dog, Casey, suffered from serious illness including fits after drinking a glass of Baileys left on the floor at a Christmas get-together, causing Casey to die. This is a shocking example of how deadly alcohol can be, especially to naturally inquisitive animals such as dogs. Holiday tipples add to the list of poisonous substances to keep away from your pet - such as lilies, painkillers and chocolate.

By linking pet, vet and insurer, smart technology can have a positive influence on driving down pet premiums. Software can identify factors that reflect bad pet parenting, raising premiums for the careless and rewarding responsible pet parenting with lower premiums. It therefore makes financial as well as ethical sense for owners to understand what is good and bad for their pet. “It is sad that pet owners would expose pets to this risk. What we can be sure of, is that healthy pet ownership and win out in the long-run with lower premiums for responsible pet parents,” said Aquarium Director, Mark Colonnese. “We may be at the start of a curve that will see an owner’s own health choices impact on the price of their pet insurance the active health monitoring via connector devices such as ‘PetFitBits’. That perhaps may not be a bad thing, and the diligent owner could then benefit from even lower premiums, in return for providing their pet with the healthiest lifestyle possible.”