Pets need to avoid piling on the pounds

Pets need to avoid piling on the pounds

Jan 05, 2017

As a rise in arthritis in the pet population is blamed on a corresponding animal obesity crisis, pet insurance technology specialists Aquarium Software says that premiums will be widening in line with waistlines.

Research shows that pet parents tend to see their pet as part of the family, but unfortunately this can see even the smallest pets receiving human sized portions, leading to a growth in giant rabbits, portly pooches and quite literally, fat cats. Unfortunately, as in their human owners, obesity leads to a range of health issues, from high blood pressure to arthritis, which in some extreme cases can lead to a pet being prematurely put down.

“It is sad to say that we could be quite literally killing our pets with kindness and while the new year is going to be a difficult time to break the habit, we have to do it,” said Mark Colonnese, Sales and Marketing Director at Aquarium Software. “Not only are we shortening our pets’ lives, owners are going to face equally hefty vets bills and in the long term, increasing insurance premiums in the future – and that is something we all want to see slimmed down.”

New YouGov research on behalf of Aquarium Software revealed that almost half of pet owning Brits (47 per cent) think the cost of pet insurance is about right. However, if pet obesity is not brought to heel, then rising premiums are likely to change opinions for some. The latest software linking vets, pet owners and insurers means policy holders can be rewarded for keeping their pet fit and healthy and poor parents penalised with higher premiums.

“A revolution in veterinary practice means more treatments are available than ever, but paying to treat ailments caused by obesity is a waste,” added Colonnese. “As in the human world, as money becomes tight, we all have to consider if we have a responsibility for our own health – the technology is there to hit pet parents in the pocket who fail to keep ‘Fido’ fit.”