Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Jul 10

Aquarium is still ISO good, says auditor

UK based leading insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software, has once again successfully passed its three-year external review for both ISO27001 and ISO9001 - with flying colours.

Aquarium started work on its ISO 9001 accession in November 2014, shortly after achieving ISO 27001, the internationally recognised standard for Information Security management Systems (ISMS). Andrew Sherwin, Aquarium Software’s Operations Director, says the successful auditor review was vital in demonstrating the firm’s competence in a sector that only works with those who can demonstrate the highest business quality and data management standards.

“It was pleasing to get a clean bill of health for our ISO procedures,” said Aquarium Software’s Operations Director, Andrew Sherwin. “As a business we aspire to continuously improve when it comes to our operational systems and whilst we are pleased with the renewed certifications, we will not sit on our laurels. Much work remains to be done, and we take from this audit success that we are on the right track for the future.”

On ISO9001, Aquarium successfully completed the transition from the :2008 standard to the newer, more rigorous updated :2015 accreditation and remains committed to ISO as an operational method for a more structured approach to modern business. The ISO Management Forum meets monthly to review progress and continually target areas for improvement and continuing professional development of staff.

“We would recommend ISO to any business,” added Sherwin. “It is ultimately a consistent way of thinking and operating and not merely the box ticking exercise some imagine it to be. Our staff have all developed as a consequence and Jim Green, Bridget Stidworthy, Krzysztof Nagrabski and Janice Turner - my colleagues on the ISO Management team - have been instrumental in finding different areas where we can fine tune our processes, resulting ultimately in clear improvements in our service delivery capability.”

ISO certifications are all part of Aquarium’s longer term strategic plan; to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of the business from software development to service delivery.