Aquarium puts a premium on charitable policy

Aquarium puts a premium on charitable policy

Jul 24, 2017

The UK’s leading insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software is supporting the Insurance Charities, an organisation dedicated to providing help and support to those working in the insurance sector facing hard times. Established in London over 100 years ago as the Insurance Clerks Orphanage, Aquarium is showing its support and backing for the organisation that does great work for those in the insurance sector who find themselves in difficulty and with nowhere to turn:

“The insurance sector knows better than most that a crisis can hit at any time and the Insurance Charities does amazing work that Aquarium is proud to support,” said Aquarium Software Operations Director, Andrew Sherwin. “In addition to making a donation to the charity, we will also be promoting the cause to a wider audience within our own insurance, technology and business communities.”

Last year the Insurance Charities gave £1.2 million to current and former workers in the sector unexpectedly finding themselves in need of help and advice. From helping someone made redundant with their ongoing financial commitments to help them find alternative employment; to funding a life changing operation in America for a young boy with Cerebral Palsy; the Insurance Charity does so much valuable work that sometimes goes unrecognised.

“I would like to thank Aquarium so much for its very kind donation,” said Emma Bangar, Marketing and Communications Executive of The Insurance Charities. “We are always grateful for ways in which we can raise awareness of our charity among the insurance industry and we hope with the help of Aquarium, we can spread awareness of our work and mission to as wide an audience as possible.”

The Insurance Charities don’t just offer financial support, but use over 100 years of experience to provide advice and guidance on a whole range of issues. Even if people are not eligible for their support, the charity can usually point people in the right direction to ensure they find the assistance they need.

“It’s fair to say the insurance industry can be a challenging sector and recent business uncertainty can leave anyone struggling and it is nice to know there is an organisation out there people can to turn to should the worst happen,” added Sherwin. “As a key supplier to the global insurance market, Aquarium will be doing what we can to encourage others working in the sector to support such a worthy cause.”

To find out more on how the Insurance Charities can help you, including eligibility criteria, or how you can support them, visit


About the Insurance Charities

The Insurance Charities is the charity for the UK and Irish insurance industry, providing support for current and former insurance employees and their dependants since 1902. Last year we gave over £1.2 million of help to insurance people in need. Established in the City of London in 1902 as The Insurance Clerks Orphanage we now provide help and support to those working in the insurance sector in the UK and Ireland.

There have been a few name changes and mergers over the years, but our mission has stayed the same, to provide help and assistance to insurance, and insurance related employees and their families. We are proud that over 100 years on we are still able to support the insurance industry and help the people that work within this sector.