Pet insurers need national co-ordinated support to help regulate rogue puppy farmers

Pet insurers need national co-ordinated support to help regulate rogue puppy farmers

Jul 04, 2017

A spate of stories accusing some of Britain’s pet insurers of not doing enough to combat the scourge of illegal puppy dealers has led Aquarium Software to point out that many of these criticisms are unfair and unjustified. Bosses at the pet insurance software specialist say that while more undoubtedly needs to be done, a national, co-ordinated response is the best way to crack down on illegal puppy farmers giving everyone a bad name.

Aquarium points out insurers are not regulators or the police, yet are being castigated for providing services designed to help genuine breeders and the public. In April, Aquarium’s Mark Colonnese welcomed the jailing of dishonest dog dealers and called for a crackdown. In the light of some of the latest reports, Mark’s comments are more relevant than ever, and he reiterates his call for greater regulation and collaboration.

“Technology is key to catching illegal puppy farmers but insurers, breeders and authorities must collaborate to put this vile trade out of business,” said Mark Colonnese, Director at Aquarium Software. “British insurers ae treading that tricky line between making policies accessible and ensuring unscrupulous breeders are stopped. Software cannot solve every problem, but it can provide a potential safety net that helps both insurer and consumer.”

“Insurers are not regulators and cannot monitor all breeders, so for now, responsibility to check the history of a pet lies with the prospective buyer but all of us want to see the barbaric puppy farmers in the past and those convicted in jail. Perhaps then we can put an end to blaming insurers for criminals taking advantage of support intended for innocent, bona fide breeders,” concluded Colonnese.                                            

Aquarium Software’s specialist pet insurance solution spanning premiums rating, policy admin, billing and claims has been implemented by a number of insurers around the globe.