Woof justice on human relationships

Woof justice on human relationships

Jun 22, 2017

A new survey comes as a sad indictment on the state of British adult relationships. YouGov research commissioned by pet insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software, shows that almost a fifth (19 per cent) of adults believe their pets understand them better than their ‘other halves’. In London, 26 per cent agreed their pet understands them better than their partner, while there is better hope of human relationships lasting in the East of England region - which has the lowest proportion of people who think their pet understands them better – a still rather alarming 12 per cent.

“A fifth of owners saying their pet understands them better than their partner is a revealing, significant number,” said Mark Colonnese, Sales and Marketing Director at Aquarium Software. “Pets are a big part of the family unit and the research indicates our empathy with them also increases with age. Pet insurers must recognise these facts by tapping into the unique understanding many of us share with our pets. Intuitive technology can help insurers to understand the emotional value and commercial potential of committed pet/human parent relationships.”

Aquarium is dedicated to helping pet insurance providers better meet the needs of pet parents everywhere and as this new research shows seven tenths of all pet owners do not currently have insurance, the need for someone to take the lead on this has never been clearer.

“We all want to think our pets understand us and similarly the pet insurance industry needs to understand pet parents and why 42 per cent (more than two fifths) of all owners have never insured their pet,” added Colonnese. “Technology and Big Data is helping by allowing insurers to communicate with policyholders in ways they prefer and by providing the right data, our sophisticated software can help cut premiums too. The research also shows the overwhelming majority who have pet insurance are happy with their insurer – the task now is to explain the benefits better to owners who have yet to invest in insurance.”

With no ‘health service for pets’, an uninsured visit to the vet can prove costly, which makes it hard to understand why more people do not have it, when even a simple fracture can cost anywhere between £4-£6,000. As the majority with insurance are happy with it, the industry needs to win over those who remain to be convinced.

“Vets’ bills can be expensive and in uncertain economic times, pet insurance makes total sense,” added Colonnese. “Modern treatments mean we can do more for the health of our pets than ever, but only if we can afford it. Aquarium is using its software to bridge the gap between the industry and owners and delivering a win-win relationship for everyone.”