‘Don’t cry for me, golden retriever’ story teaches world the power of pet and parent bond

‘Don’t cry for me, golden retriever’ story teaches world the power of pet and parent bond

May 24, 2017

After images from Argentina of a dog hugging his injured owner while waiting for an ambulance went viral, senior executives at Aquarium Software (www.aquarium-software.com) say the emotional incident highlights the incredible bond between pet and pet parent. The technology expert asserts that while our pets clearly go beyond the call of duty to care for us in our time of need, we ought to do the same by investing more in pet insurance. The owner had suffered a bad fall from a tree and regained consciousness to find his dog, Tony, laying on him and refusing to move, even when the emergency services arrived to help. The man had found the dog on the streets and adopted him several years earlier. While recent research has suggested dogs mimic concern to get what they want from humans, such apparent altruism cannot be so easily explained.

“The cynics and the scientists will say the dog was looking after its meal ticket, after being taken from the streets and fed and watered,” said Mark Colonnese, VP Sales and Marketing for Aquarium Software. “However it does lend weight to the Mark Twain proverb that if you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you – he will do more - he will protect and stay with you. The best way we can keep our pets prosperous is by treating them well; having pet insurance is an important part of that mix and big data is making policies more affordable than ever.”

The feelings our pets have for us, calculated or otherwise are clearly reciprocated, as 63 per cent of us would grieve the loss of a pet as much as a family member, according to YouGov research commissioned by Aquarium Software in 2016. What this all adds up to is that calculated or otherwise, pet parents care about their pets as part of the family. Since 47 per cent also think the cost of pet insurance is ‘about right’ it does leave a question as to why people do not have insurance when there is no Government funded health service for pets and the cost of treatment can be prohibitively high. The answer is critical to those looking to increase take up of pet health insurance policies.

“I think we have to recognise that buying insurance is a decision pet parents make on emotion rather than reason. Technologists and insurers alike need to understand that fact and act accordingly,” concluded