Strewth! A quarter of Australians would miss their mobile more than their pets

Strewth! A quarter of Australians would miss their mobile more than their pets

May 22, 2017

Bad news for dogs and cats from down under suggests that a quarter of Australians would miss their mobile phone more than their pets or even a family member, with only nine per cent saying they would miss their pets. However, YouGov research conducted on behalf of Aquarium Software in the UK revealed that 63 per cent of Brits would grieve the loss of their pet as much as family member.

“We are all in love with our mobile devices, but our research suggests that pet parents in the UK love their pets as much as ever,” said Aquarium Software VP Sales and Marketing, Mark Colonnese. “The results from Down Under are worrying at first glance, but I would expect a very different answer if the survey had been worded slightly differently.”

While some psychologists have argued we are all now ‘completely reliant’ on mobile devices, Colonnese argues this is not necessarily a bad thing and is understandable given the benefits on offer. For insurance providers, it underscores the need to be mindful of the value of mobile communications to the customer journey on the one hand and on the very strong feelings we have for our pets on the other.

“Our own research highlighted how much people care about their pets, but also the role technology plays in the customer journey,” added Colonnese. “Many customers now like communication on their terms, and increasingly that means mobile. An intuitive, omnichannel technology solution is a central part of that and should be a priority for all pet insurers. I don’t think we need to give our dogs a phone just yet, but the industry needs to be aware that for many pet parents, the smartphone is the preferred comms option.”