Almost half of all Brits say claiming on travel insurance is a pain in the parasol

Almost half of all Brits say claiming on travel insurance is a pain in the parasol

Nov 30, 2017

Claiming on travel insurance is a hassle. That’s the view of 45 per cent of Brits in a new survey by YouGov, commissioned by travel insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software, which argues that the latest generation of mobile and web Apps are the way to stop future holiday claims proving a right pain in the sun.

Even if purchasing insurance online, many people go through the process of printing out the certificate, all the small print and packing multiple copies into holdalls, just in case; but while on holiday it’s always the one thing you can’t find, or people struggle to locate the claims line number when they need it. This is distressing enough if you need to report a theft – quite another thing if you or a member of your family is in need of urgent medical attention.

“Those of us who haven’t claimed on travel insurance have heard the stories of frustrating attempts to contact call centres from abroad, often at a time of great distress.” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “The next generation of travel insurance technology will change this, delivering a better customer journey by radically simplifying the claims process for the holidaymaker, ultimately helping build product and brand loyalty. Technology can change everything,” added Colonnese. “For the insurer, a genuine claim can be quickly authenticated; while these days, all of us have our smartphones and tablets with us wherever we go, making printing all policy documents and having to remember contact numbers and other important policy information, a thing of the past,” Colonnese concluded.

The YouGov research revealed that 55 per cent of people are not currently covered by any travel insurance and this at a time when reports of holidaymakers left high and dry. This fact continues to drive home the importance of travel cover for should the worst happen when far from home.