Aquarium Software ensures its place at TINtech 2018

Aquarium Software ensures its place at TINtech 2018

Nov 01, 2017

Leading insurance software specialist, Aquarium Software, has announced it will again be exhibiting at the high profile TINtech event in 2018. The success of previous events, coupled with the fast moving state of play in the insurance sector, has seen Aquarium sign up in advance for this year’s TINtech - to be held at Holborn in London on Tuesday 5 June 2018. As a company working at the forefront of the next generation in insurance technology, Aquarium sees the event as a platform to discuss the challenges facing the insurance industry and showcase its latest innovations.

“Aquarium is at the forefront of delivering technology solutions to the travel, pet and other niche GI sectors, and next year is set to be one of the most exciting in Aquarium’s history,” said Mark Colonnese, Director at Aquarium Software. “Social media; mobile uptake; and multimodal communications dictate the landscape and they have all arrived together, creating the perfect opportunity for Aquarium to advise insurers on these and likely future trends, at TINtech,” Mark added.

Aquarium is seeing increasing demand for its products and insight in the UK and overseas. Cutting edge fraud detection and management by exception are now joined by the challenge of mass personalisation. A seamless customer journey is the holy grail when pursuing total customer engagement in competitive, global markets; this must now meet the new demands posed by the advent of GDPR in May 2018.

“TINtech is weeks after the introduction of GDPR compliance in the UK,” said Colonnese. “Those familiar with the DPA may see little change. Yet, as data mining and big data develop, those engaged with mass personalisation must comply and prove how they do. The implication of clauses on automated decision making and profiling will be key. The right technology allows insurers to understand the customer like never before and future platforms will integrate diverse regulatory frameworks in different territories worldwide,” he concluded. Aquarium has the best technology platform on the market to meet the specific demands of the niche general insurance sector. Its clients are rewarded with reduced technological cost base coupled with capabilities that set them apart from the competition.