Aquarium fine tune’s IT security to a significant degree

Aquarium fine tune’s IT security to a significant degree

Oct 16, 2017

A senior team member at leading insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software, has successfully completed a range of courses, including a Master of Science (MSc) in Information Security at the University of Salford. The company-sponsored training for Krzysztof Nagrabski is all part of Aquarium’s drive to have the best qualified people on the team, versed in the very latest thinking in data protection and information security management, so vital to its existing and future clients and for regulatory compliance.

Aquarium recently passed its three-year external review for both ISO27001 and ISO9001 and as a senior member of Aquarium’s ISO Management team, Nagrabski’s latest qualifications and experience is a key part of Aquarium staying ahead of the game.

“The Information Security course helped me develop advanced knowledge and awareness of the context in which information security operates in safety, environmental, social and economic aspects,” said Krzysztof. “My MSc complements my BSc in Computer Science, but to support internal use of ISO 27001 and 9001, I have also completed ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor and ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor courses.”

The MSc course consisted of four taught modules (Information Security Technologies, Information Security in Practice, Information Security and Risk Management, Software Architecture and Security) and a formal dissertation; with Krzysztof’s entitled, “Prototype software for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises developing an Information Security System based on requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.”

“On behalf of the team, I want to congratulate Krzysztof on his achievements,” said Aquarium Software Operations Director, Andrew Sherwin. “Aquarium operates in sectors where organisations only work with those who can demonstrate the highest standards, so ensuring our staff have the best qualifications possible is an essential part of our commitment to continuous professional development across the business.”

“Information security is a field that doesn’t stand still, so due to the introduction of the new GDPR regulations, I’m currently conducting a Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Foundation Course from IT Governance,” added Krzysztof. “In the next six months, I will be taking the CISM exam too.”

“Krzysztof is proof there is far more to data security and ISO than mere box ticking,” added Sherwin. “The process is not just an opportunity to improve company performance, important though that is. Employees are the engine of any business and fine tuning our staff ensures we have the tools we need to deliver the standard of service our clients have come to expect and rely on us for.”