Aquarium offers oarsome support for Agecroft Rowing Club

Aquarium offers oarsome support for Agecroft Rowing Club

Sep 15, 2017

Aquarium Software is sponsoring a team of four young rowers from Agecroft Rowing Club in Salford, in the forthcoming Boston Rowing Marathon on Sunday 24 September. The 31-mile race from Lincoln to Boston is sure to be no tea party, and is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the sport’s calendar.

Founded in 1861, Agecroft Rowing Club is one of the oldest open membership rowing clubs in the world, with a purpose-built facility on Salford Quays. When Aquarium Managing Director, Ed Shropshire (a former international rower himself) heard the team were in search of a sponsor for the event, he proposed that Aquarium could help.

“Here in Manchester, Agecroft is one of our local rowing clubs and Aquarium is always keen to play a role in supporting the community,” said Aquarium Software Managing Director, Ed Shropshire. “I know from personal experience how much training is involved for these events and how hard it can be to raise funds, given the increasing costs of rowing gear, travel etc. As a local company, Aquarium is pleased to be able to offer the team their full support, and we wish them the best of luck on the day.”

The race takes place on the river Witham in Lincolnshire, as this perfect stretch of water; coupled with the facilities offered by the Boston Rowing Club, makes it the ideal venue for the rowing marathon. The event starts at Lincoln Rowing club (Stamp End), finishing at Boston Rowing Club. Crews are started off at 8.30am at 1-2 minute intervals, which means with over 200 boats taking part, the last boat will enter Boston at approximately 4.00pm. The lock at Bardney needs to be negotiated, where crews must disembark and carry their boat around the lock, to then begin rowing again.

“Having been a keen rower myself in the past, I understand the personal sacrifices and the unsociable hours associated with the training regime,” added Ed. “A 31-mile row is a real challenge, but I’m sure the girls will do Agecroft Rowing Club, Salford and Aquarium proud.”