Should you ensure you’re insured if holidaying at home?

Should you ensure you’re insured if holidaying at home?

Apr 13, 2018

A study suggesting three quarters of British adults have been on or are planning a UK holiday, has led travel tech specialist Aquarium Software to advise that taking out travel insurance is always a good idea – at home or abroad - and technology is the key to greater uptake before the 2018 summer getaway.

While the NHS covers medical emergencies, a UK holiday carries many of the same risks as one overseas, yet 43 percent have a UK holiday without cover and 55 percent admit to not currently being covered - home or away. People hate spending time on travel insurance, with 46 percent seeing it as a ‘necessary evil’ at best but software can change perceptions; by tapping into our love affair with tech, smartphones and tablets.

“When that holiday feeling kicks in, common sense often gets kicked out, usually as we walk down the airplane steps,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “On a staycation, this complacency regarding insurance seems even more pronounced. If we can’t get people to use common sense, getting them to use an app is pushing at an open door. A UK holiday carries much of the same baggage in terms of risk as one overseas, yet most of us blissfully disregard this in Blighty until the worst happens, yet great value cover is available.” More than eight percent of us have been victims of theft, loss or damage holidaying in the UK, but cover is still seen as an unnecessary expense. Even a trip to London is a visit to a major world city, with all the risks that entails, from pickpockets to cancellations to unexpected illness. The average staycationer takes £676 of valuables with them - which is a lot to lose, given the low cost of insurance for Brits holidaying at home.

“The UK travel industry has upped its game considerably and hokey hotels, head hankies and other home holiday horror stories are long gone,” added Colonnese. “This, coupled with the weak pound makes staycations increasingly attractive. People are shunning London for rural locations but a trip to the highlands this spring or summer could have seen tourists out of pocket without proper cover. With 56 percent convinced travel technology should be improved, next generation software now makes insurance easier to access home or away, with apps making appropriate cover more accessible than ever. Home contents insurance can cover for loss or theft outside the home but that is not always the case and it is worth checking if you intend to rely on it,” concluded Colonnese.