Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Jan 29

Is puppy love impawtant for long-lasting human relationships?

Could couples breathing a sigh of relief having navigated ‘divorce day’ on 8 January, have pets to thank for keeping their relationship out of the dog house? According to pet insurance technologist, Aquarium Software, people may be staying together - not for the sake of the children - but the chihuahua, as people seem to prioritise family stability and pet peace of mind, over marital bliss.

A YouGov survey commissioned by pet insurance expert Aquarium Software, together with other research, suggests pets play a crucially important role in family life. The research reveals the bond between pets and people, with 57 percent saying their pet instinctively knows what mood they are in and a quarter (26%) admitting they have more in common with their pets than friends and family. The findings mirror a 2017 More Th>n study*, which found couples prepared to stay in relationships that had gone to the dogs, rather than see their poor pets come from a broken home.

“All the evidence suggests pets are the emotional glue holding our relationships together,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “69 percent of us say a pet is just as important to the family unit as the human members and 11 percent in the More Th>n survey would fight harder for pet custody than possessions. If you want your relationship to last, a bulldog rather than a baby may be one solution. You might not be happy, but you just might stay together longer!” Pets have never played a bigger role in our lives and from Aquarium’s perspective, pet insurance providers need to tap into this knowledge and the increasing priority we give our pets, which is already transforming the market from dog’s dinner to wedding breakfast - with tech providing a seat at the top table. “The annual pet insurance business is expected to grow to £1.6 billion by 2021 in the UK alone,” added Colonnese. “The knowledge of the emotional investment we make in our pets is seeing those who recognise it reaping the rewards and technology is key to customer engagement and a profitable business model,” Mark concluded.