Mark Harrop Business Development Manager

Jan 01

Lure of convenience leads to customers being ‘fleeced’ on winter sports cover

In light of an increasing number of consumers being tempted into ticking the box to add travel insurance to their online flight or holiday booking, new industry research has found that customers will potentially pay three times more than a stand-alone travel insurance. This has led travel insurance technology specialist, Aquarium Software, to suggest that holidaymakers should not fall into the convenience trap; Aquarium recommends travellers fully research the insurance market in advance, not just in order to save money, but just as importantly, to make sure the correct cover is purchased.

Research suggests that specifically, consumers may pay up to 205 percent more for travel insurance cover bought through an airline or holiday booking site, compared to an online travel insurance specialist. “It is on the one hand encouraging that there is an increased take up of travel insurance with online bookings, said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “However many consumer purchases when spontaneously made, are not necessarily the best fit and you could get better if you shopped around. The key things to look at, especially if traveling abroad for winter sports, is to make sure the main things that might happen while you are away, are in fact covered.

“If you are skiing or snowboarding, it’s essential to make sure these activities are not in fact exclusions in the small print. Likewise, if you are travelling to the US or Canada and the small print only covers you for the UK and Europe, you’ll get a nasty shock if you try and claim later. Even the definition of Europe can catch people out, so if skiing for example in Romania or Norway, you may not be covered. Many of us like a gluvine or two on a trip, however even this could cause your travel insurance to be voided if the insurer considers you have had one drink too many. There is no substitute for having adequate travel insurance when you need it, and whilst a bore, there’s no real shortcut to getting the right policy other than doing a bit of research in advance,” concluded Colonnese.