Aquarium gets non-football fans out of a Pickles on #Bringyourdogtoworkday 2018

Aquarium gets non-football fans out of a Pickles on #Bringyourdogtoworkday 2018

Jun 21, 2018

For people who are not football fans, pet insurance technology specialist Aquarium Software suggests one way out of a Pickles is getting involved in national Bring Your Dog to Work Day (ByDtWD) on Friday 22 June. This is the third year Aquarium has sponsored the event, a hat trick of support that will see employees at the firm’s UK HQ in Cheshire giving their dogs a job.

Aquarium is engaged with pet insurance industry in the UK, the US and Canada and uses its insights into the emotional role our pets play, to remind people of the importance of pet insurance. ByDtWD 2018 is raising funds for All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia, all improving animal welfare.

“Aquarium is proud to be in its third year of sponsoring ByDtWD,” said Aquarium Software Director, Andrew Sherwin.

“Not all pets can be heroes like Pickles, the collie who successfully recovered the World Cup after it had been stolen in 1966, but it does show how much our four-legged friends contribute to our lives. Thanks to the £5,000 reward, Pickles’ owner David Corbett was able to buy a house and while our pets are unlikely to be doing that, it does make sense to protect them with pet insurance.”

Working for a company heavily involved in the pet insurance industry, ByDtWD is always looked forward to, not just as a bit of fun, but with a serious side – to underline the importance of pets, and the positive role they can play in the workplace.

“From police dogs to guide dogs, pooches have positive roles in all aspects of life” said Andrew.

“There is no reason why pets cannot integrate into the workplace and this year, we are showing Fido and football continue to mix. While pet insurance can’t guarantee your pet will find you a fortune or a Jules Rimet trophy, it can avoid paying considerable sums, should your pet fall ill.”