Red Card for Russian travel

Red Card for Russian travel

Jun 14, 2018

With the World Cup upon us in Russia, travel tech specialist Aquarium Software is urging fans to ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover.

While millions still travel with inadequate cover or no insurance at all, this is one occasion where the penalty for not doing so could be severe.

While normally a safe destination for travellers, current relations between Russia and the UK means the baseline travel risk to Russia has increased significantly, without considering the prospect of football-specific violence.

Even people who have travelled to Russia before should not assume all remains the same and double check those documents as a matter of urgency.

 “The thought of 10,000 British fans travelling without adequate insurance is a worrying one,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“Now is the time to source the necessary cover and consult the Foreign Office ‘Be on the Ball’ guide if you have not done so already. Brits could previously access Russian healthcare for free, however, that agreement ended in 2016, so without insurance, you are on your own and you will have to pay up front for treatment,” said Mark.

 “Travel insurance is sold by region, so ‘West of the Urals’ (covers most World Cup venues) is treated as Europe on many policies,” explained Colonnese.

“However, the Ekaterinburg Stadium 1,700km east of Moscow could be classed ‘East of the Urals’; so tell your insurer if you are going,” added Mark.

Even Moscow to Volgograd is 969 km; or 20 hours by train, so having insurance that reimburses you for cancellations is a good idea. Smart tech is helping in many ways, and fans can get in on the act by signing up for Foreign Office email alerts so they have the latest advice at their fingertips.

It’s free, an added level of reassurance and shows your insurer have been responsible in doing all you could to ensure your own safety.

“Celebrating (an England win of course) is part of the experience, but insurance does not cover for injury sustained due to drunkenness, which is well worth keeping in mind!,” Mark concluded