As FCO restrictions are lifted, is Tunisia full of Easter promise for UK travellers?

As FCO restrictions are lifted, is Tunisia full of Easter promise for UK travellers?

Mar 16, 2018

Following news Thomas Cook has joined TUI in reintroducing Tunisian holidays from February 2018, travel insurance technology expert Aquarium Software is advising holidaymakers planning a trip this Easter that comprehensive travel insurance is a must. The advice comes following the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) softening its stance on travel to tourist destinations in Tunisia and tour operators restarting flights. The terrorism risk may have lessened, but the country has not returned to normality.

The border with Libya means travel to south and west Tunisia would invalidate travel insurance; yet a YouGov poll conducted on behalf of Aquarium shows only 51 percent of us are insured and eight percent do not read the policy small print; a risk when travelling to any destination, but especially ‘at risk’ destinations.

“With Easter and the next school holiday looming, Tunisia will come back on the radar for many families looking for that early holiday in the sun,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “Security has increased in the main resorts and while always tempting to seek adventure, going to areas the FCO advise against, even inadvertently, can invalidate your cover, unless you have taken out very specific insurance for the purpose.”

Aquarium is at the forefront in the designing of new technology to make selecting, purchasing and using travel insurance easier. The latest tech can identify and dispense information on areas travellers should avoid, directly to a smartphone and in real time, allowing people to make informed decisions and if necessary, change their plans. These are part of a raft of new ways technology is helping travellers and travel insurers and follows the Co-op introducing the ability to speak to a doctor before and during a trip.

“The FCO makes it clear that terrorists are likely to try and carry out more attacks in Tunisia, but you could say that of many countries and cities, including London,” added Colonnese. “People must balance the risk of terrorism versus the reward of a cheaper holiday in sunnier climes. Whatever your destination of choice, you will never regret comprehensive travel insurance, should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you’re scrambling for your insurer’s contact details and your policy number,” concluded Colonnese.