Aquarium Software promises tech-fest at annual ITIC event

Aquarium Software promises tech-fest at annual ITIC event

May 01, 2018

Travel insurance technology specialist Aquarium Software is marking its first attendance at the International Travel & Health Insurance Industry Conference (ITIC), on Thursday 3 May, by outlining the exciting ways technology is transforming the face of the Travel industry.



Held at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, Aquarium is sponsoring the conference designed to keep companies at the cutting edge of travel insurance innovation.

ITIC has established itself in the global travel and health insurance sector as a conference offering tangible business opportunities to a sector under pressure to work even smarter and harder.

In the face of the challenges ahead for the industry, Aquarium Software will bring delegates up to speed on travel tech developments including geo location services and instant cover for specific medical conditions.    

 “The kind of people we are hoping to see in Bristol are heads of business lines for travel insurance, and directors of claims,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“We are doing some interesting work in this sector technology-wise, and to find out how Aquarium can help, delegates should come and talk to us at ITIC.”

The UK ITIC event has a habit of being ahead of the curve on emerging trends, with a knack for coming up with ways to address the needs of an increasingly tech savvy consumer base; this makes it the perfect forum for Aquarium to demonstrate why the UK is seen as a world leader in travel insurance innovation.

“In terms of travel insurance cover, there are lots of exciting things we are doing,” added Colonnese.

“We integrate with online medical services, allowing you to be medically screened in real time, with cover on the fly for your medical conditions.

In terms of upgrades, we are developing geo location-based tracking, so insurers can add appropriate consumer services, such as winter cover on-demand.

This all links to automated claims monitoring and handling too.

For our clients, this engagement with policy-holders provides a real differentiator in what is a highly competitive channel,” concluded Mark.